Magic Gain Calculator

This web based Magic Gain Calculator is to help people estimate the time that it will take to reach their magic goal. The form below will ask for a variety of information that is used to calculate the time (in mana spent, magic bars spent, total play time, and real time) it will take to achieve that goal!

Please enter all of the information below. Please note that you can either type in your values (which may require deleting what is already displayed) or use the arrow buttons to select the appropriate values. You can also click in the box and use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the values more quickly.

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Character Name: Enter your character name.
Save the information for this character.
Save and set as default character.
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Current Level Information:
Current Magic Level: Enter your current magic level.
Magic Percentage: Enter your current magic percent.
Goal Information:
Goal Magic Level: Enter the magic level you wish to achieve.
Mana Information:
Available Mana: Enter how much mana you have.
Mana Regen: Enter how much mana you regen each time.
Number of Spells: Enter the number of spells you cast each bar.
Training and MRP information:
Training Option: Max Train
Enter Amount
Choose your training option.
Training Amount: Enter amount you plan to train.
MRPs: Enter number of MRPs you plan to use.
Playing Time Information:
Weekdays: Enter the amount of time you play each week day.
Weekends: Enter the amount of time you play each weekend day.

Skill Charts

Level Weapon Martial Arts Thaumaturge Wizard Thief
1 Awkward White Belt Shaman Aspirant Skulker in Shadows
2 Mediocre Yellow Belt Apprentice Apprentice Master of Mischief
3 Capable Green Belt Initiate Apprentice to Fire Diviner of Magics
4 Familiar Blue Belt Acolyte Apprentice to Ice Knight of Darkness
5 Practiced Red Belt Healer Apprentice to Illusions Opener of Ways
6 Competent Black Belt Canon
Shaper of Fire Lurker in Darkness
7 Experienced 1st Dan Exorcist Shaper of Ice Obscurer of Ways
8 Skillful 2nd Dan Priest
Wizard Master of Water
9 Proficient 3rd Dan Seer
Shaper of Illusions Master of Air
10 Exceptional 4th Dan Summoner of Snakes Illusionist Master of Secrets
11 Brilliant 5th Dan Summoner of Spirits Master of Earth Master Thief
12 Expert 6th Dan Summoner of Demons Master of Illusions Shadow Thief
13 Astonishing 7th Dan Prophet
Master of Air Shadow Mage
14 Amazing 8th Dan Patriarch
Mage Shadow Stalker
15 Incredible 9th Dan High Priest
High Priestess
Lord of Fire Shadow Lord
16 Master White Sash Master of Demons Lord of Illusion Thief of Wands
17 Genius Red Sash Master of Dead Lord of Air Thief of Cups
18 Unearthly Gold Sash Master of Earth and Sky Archmage Thief of Pentacles
19 Immortal Master Hierophant Magus Thief of Souls

Level Training Cost Cost Per Rank (10%) Cost Per Percent
0 25 2.5 0.25
1 100 10 1
2 300 30 3
3 800 80 8
4 2,000 200 20
5 4,800 480 48
6 11,200 1,120 112
7 25,600 2,560 256
8 57,600 5,760 576
9 128,000 12,800 1,280
10 281,600 28,160 2,816
11 614,400 61,440 6,144
12 1,331,200 133,120 13,312
13 2,867,200 286,720 28,672
14 6,144,000 614,400 61,440
15 13,107,200 1,310,720 131,072
16 27,852,800 2,785,280 278,528
17 58,982,400 5,898,240 589,824
18 124,518,400 12,451,840 1,245,184

Further Explanation

Character Name

This is a text field where you should enter your character name. Character names may include alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), underscores (_), and periods (.). They may not contain spaces or other special characters.

Save Character

This button uses cookies to save information about your character. It will save the character name as well as the information needed to perform the calculations (mana, regen, etc). It does this via browser cookies, so it will only work if you have cookies enabled. The cookies are set to be saved for 1 year, however if you delete your cookies they will be erased sooner. If this happens, you will lose any character information you had saved and need to re-enter it. If you save a character name that already exists, then it just saves over the old information.

Set Character as Default

This button saves your character and also sets it as the default character to load whenever you visit this page. If you cast on your wizard most often, you could set your wizard as the default and his or her information will automatically be loaded for you. For your convenience, you can also save other characters and load their information. Setting a default character just saves time for whichever character you use most.

Select Character

This drop down list will show you a list of character names that you have saved. If you have not saved any, then nothing will be displayed. However, if you do have characters saved you can select the character name and click the "Load Character" button (explained below).

Load Character

This button allows you to load a non-default character. You can select a character that you have previously saved and click this button. That will cause the information to be loaded from the browser cookies and displayed. In this manner, if you have multiple characters that you cast on, you can conveniently switch between them without having to enter their information each and every time. When you load a character, the name will show up in the Character Name box in case you want to save it with updated information.

Current Level

This is asking for your current level and percent in magic. Your magic level would be 1-18 (I presume that anyone level 19 does not need this tool). Your percentile can be given by the trainer. If they do not give a percentile, then it is 0. The percentile should be 0-99.

Magic Goal

This is asking for your magic goal - in other words, what level would you ideally like your magic to be? I only ask for the level, not the percent, because who sets a goal of 17.5 magic?

Available Mana

This is asking for how much mana you currently have. Although you should really get to your maximum mana for your level, it is not necessary. Simply enter the mana you actually have so that the calculations can be as accurate as possible. Note: If you do not use all of your mana when you cast, but only a certain portion of it, please enter the amount you actually use as your available mana. This will improve the accuracy of the calculations. If you still wait for your mana to fully regen, however, it could throw the calculations off.

Mana Regen

This is asking for how much mana you regen each time your mana goes up. It could be 1, 2, or 3 depending on your gear setup. For example, if you are naked it will be 1 mana each time. If you have an OL staff and no robe, or a robe and no OL staff, it will be 2 mana. If you have both a robe and an OL staff, it will be 3 mana. When casting, you should use the most efficient setup you can (2 mana for thieves, 3 for thaums and wizards).

Number of Spells

This is asking for how many spells you need to cast in order to use all of your mana. This is important because it lets me calculate how many seconds it takes you to cast your entire bar. You should always cast using the highest mana spell and try to cast such that you use all of your mana. For example, with 113 mana on a wizard you could cast 5 WWs and 1 frog. Or with 120 mana you could cast 6 WWs, or 5 PCs on a thaum.

Training Option

This is asking for which training option you would like to use to calculate your magic gain. You can choose to assume max training, or you can enter the amount of coin you plan to spend on training. If you select to assume max training, any value in the Training Amount box will be ignored. It will, however, save this amount with your character for your convenience should you choose to switch options.

Training Amount

This is asking for how much you plan to spend on training. For the most accurate results, you should try to include how much training you have left. For example, let us pretend that you max trained at 16.0 magic (meaning that you are fully trained through 16.50 magic). You are now 16.25 magic and have not trained since your original investment at 16. That means you have 25% training left. At level 16, training costs 278,528 per percent. So you still have (25*278528) or 6,963,200 left over in training. You should then include this amount in your projected training expenditure. Note: Only numbers (0-9) should be entered in this field. Do not enter commas (,) or other characters.


This is asking for how many MRPs you plan to drink in your effort to obtain your magic goal. Keep in mind the results will only be as accurate as your projections. If you over-estimate your MRP usage, the actual time it takes you will be longer. Note: Only numbers (0-9) should be entered in this field. Do not enter commas (,) or other characters.


This is asking for how long, on average, you spend playing each day Monday-Friday. This is an average so if you spend 2 hours M-Th and then 7 hours on Fridays, you should enter 3 hours. ((2hrs*4days)+7hrs)/5days = 3hrs. Time is entered in hours and minutes.


This is asking for how long, on average, you spend playing each day on Saturday and Sunday. This is an average so if you spend 8 hours on Saturdays and none on Sundays, you should enter 4 hours. Time is entered in hours and minutes.